PDH Benchmarking

PTAI’s PDH benchmark is the first of its kind focusing exclusively on PDH production and profitability.


PDH Benchmarking

PDH Benchmarking


PTAI’s PDH benchmark is the first and only industry benchmark focusing on PDH performance, costs and profitability.

  • Successful track record for the PDH benchmark – Already executed for companies around the world
  • PTAI has drawn on its experience from our C4 dehydrogenation benchmark to develop and execute the PDH benchmark
  • Catofin and Oleflex, the primary PDH technologies, are compared together and separately for the greatest insights
  • Benchmark includes propylene production, and co-products such as C4+, ethane, and fuel gas production
  • Approximately 200 ratios published
  • Measured KPIs include production losses, yields, turnaround performance, catalyst cycles, and overall manufacturing costs
  • The PDH benchmark is conducted regularly depending on industry needs
  • The benchmark is continuously enhanced based on feedback from the participants


The motivations and objectives of companies who participate in a benchmarking project are as diverse as the projects themselves. These are some of the more common objectives that our Clients have in participating in a peer group/benchmarking project:

  • Understand the relatively new and fast changing PDH process
  • Quantify and understand strengths and weaknesses relative to others in their industry
  • Gain insight into competitive position in the industry (or industry sector) on a regional or global basis
  • Make changes in costs and operating practices that impact efficiencies
  • Make discoveries allowing management to re-allocate capital and other resources for certain business units or for the company overall
  • Determine how well the company (or business unit) is actually performing in the marketplace, rather than against internal historic data
  • Benchmarking programs executed by PTAI ensure confidentiality of all parties and are in full compliance of anti-trust laws

Benchmarking programs executed by PTAI ensure complete confidentiality of all parties and are in full anti-trust compliance.

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