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pictureWe were making the wrong decisions based on assumptions that we had held to be true. The PTAI analysis revealed that we were not as competitive as we had believed. Our performance paradigms clearly had to be changed at the top and throughout the organization.”


“We did not fully understand how the margins on various product lines could be optimized. When we were able to see our costs in a true competitive context for the first time, we made some dramatic changes in our sales strategies that almost immediately improved our gross margins.” 
SVP, Sales and Marketing

“We realized that our sales incentives did not fit our competitive strategy.”
Director of Sales

“Our competitive position had changed, but we were able to learn why and how to change course with reliable information. The type of benchmarking cleared our vision and gave us the facts to act.”


The Value of TABS

Many companies would like to carry out internal benchmarking programs for their businesses. However, carrying out internal benchmarking is easier said then done. Townsend Advanced Benchmarking Services (TABS®) addresses various challenges faced by organizations planning on implementing their own internal benchmarks:

Consistency of definitions - Companies with multiple plants in various regions may have different accounting systems and different definitions for the same line item.
TABS develops consistent data definitions based on discussions with each plant. Each plant receives a copy of these agreed upon definitions to ensure consistent data input.

Accuracy and Consistency of data collected
- Even if a company comes up with detailed definitions, there is no guarantee that the plants will understand the definitions correctly or that correct information will be submitted.
TABS® conducts discussion sessions with all data owners to ensure that their data definitions are understood correctly. This data is also validated by communicating with each plant for "apples-to-apples" comparison.

Data Management and Metrics Development - A database needs to be designed to maintain multiple-year, multiple-plant data and should calculate various metrics and to develop graphs.
TABS® has been developed for maximum user ease of data maintenance and metrics development. Phillip Townsend Associates's proprietary software also has the capability to develop various statistical variables, trend charts and gap and other analysis.

Data Analysis - The results of any benchmarking study have to be analyzed in a meaningful way once data is validated from all the sites. In many cases, the effect of scale, technology and location complicate the analysis and lead to false conclusions.
TABS® conducts an in-depth analysis to identify the root causes of inconsistent data. We then prepare and present a management presentation packed full of important information and analyses drawn from your study.

Time & Effort - Significant time and effort are required to implement a benchmarking program. These challenges need to be conquered to ensure accurate benchmarking results.
TABS® delivers accurate results for your strategic purposes. Adopting TABS will decrease the time and effort that you spend on your program by over 70 percent.

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TABS® software is specifically designed to assist organizations in maintaining and analyzing multiple plant data. The software has a user-friendly interface with the capability of performing various statistical calculations and easy data upload and download feature.

The features in the TABS® software that differentiate it from other data mining applications, including:

Easy Upload - TABS® allows easy data upload from an Excel file to the IB database
Automatic Validation Checks - Uploaded data can be checked against defined filters to ensure its validity
Flexibility - TABS® allows user to define and add additional ratios important for their business
Analysis - TABS® has a powerful analysis section that allows users to analyze and graph trends, performance gaps and industry positions
Easy Download - TABS® allows the easy download of metrics data and graphs from an IB database to an Excel file

TABS® is implemented on the company server to provide real time data and easy access to approved users. Its multi-layered security enables organizations to provide "complete" or "partial" access to users on the TABS® database.

TABS® Professional Services Overview

TABS® professional services utilizes Phillip Townsend Associates's proven benchmarking methodology provides the following services to client organizations:

Software training
Developing data definitions
Consistent and error free data in-put process
Data validation process
Metrics development process
Analysis and presentation


Data Input Template

Data Input Template
Users can easily upload data from Excel to the the database.

Data Validation Template

Data Validation Template
The validation feature checks input data against defined filters to ensure validity.

Metrics Export Template

Metrics Export Template
Calculate desired metrics, which are easily downloaded to Excel.

Correlation Analysis Template

Correlation Analysis Template
Users conduct various analyses and develop graphs to be downloaded into Excel


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