Upstream Benchmarking


pictureWe were making the wrong decisions based on assumptions that we had held to be true. The PTAI analysis revealed that we were not as competitive as we had believed. Our performance paradigms clearly had to be changed at the top and throughout the organization.”


“We did not fully understand how the margins on various product lines could be optimized. When we were able to see our costs in a true competitive context for the first time, we made some dramatic changes in our sales strategies that almost immediately improved our gross margins.” 
SVP, Sales and Marketing

“We realized that our sales incentives did not fit our competitive strategy.”
Director of Sales

“Our competitive position had changed, but we were able to learn why and how to change course with reliable information. The type of benchmarking cleared our vision and gave us the facts to act.”

Upstream Benchmarking

Upstream Benchmarking


Upstream benchmarking for onshore and offshore production operators is conducted by PTAI subsidiary Juran Benchmarking, who has 30 years’ experience in this area. The Global Production & Processing benchmark from Juran Benchmarking enables operators to objectively view their performance from an external perspective and optimize their operations. For more details please click on Onshore or Offshore.


The motivations and objectives of companies who participate in a benchmarking project are as diverse as the projects themselves. These are some of the more common objectives that our Clients have in participating in a peer group/benchmarking project:

  • to quantify and understand their strengths and weaknesses relative to others in their industry - to gain insight into their competitive position
  • to make changes in costs and operating practices that impact efficiencies - to make discoveries allowing management to re-allocate capital and other resources for certain assets
  • to determine how well their company (or asset) is actually performing, rather than just against its own historical data

Benchmarking programs executed by PTAI ensure complete confidentiality of all parties and are in full anti-trust compliance.

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